2017’s Best & Most Powerful PHP Frameworks To Make Development Easy

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Undeniably, PHP is one of the most widely used programming languages that emerged as the perfect solution for web development task. Due to its huge popularity, it is installed on more than 2.1 million web servers worldwide and 244 million websites and web applications are running on it.

It was revealed that more than 8200 vacancies of PHP developers were posted in 2016 that ranked it as the 2nd most preferred language to work on, according to the Jobs Tractor.

Today, there are lots of PHP frameworks obtainable that can make development task a lot easier for businesses. Using the most powerful and best PHP frameworks, users are allowed to obey the set development standards and keep the code organized.

With lots of PHP frameworks, it is quite difficult for users to choose the right PHP framework that comes with rich features and offers incredible performance. If you are looking forward to developing web application or web development project, you can go through the list of 2017’s best and most powerful PHP frameworks:


Among all the PHP frameworks, Yii stands alone as its high performance and feature rich qualities make this framework best. The main aim of this framework is that it mainly focuses on the beautifulness of the code while doing all grunge work exceptionally behind the scenes.

Excellent Features:
  • Dominant Caching System, which instantly loads your applications wonderfully

  • Offering wonderful support for writing and running both unit tests and functionality tests

  • Comes with a built in verification support that is assisted through RBAC (Role Based Access Control).

  • It supports with message translation, date and time formatting and more.  


When it comes to choosing the most powerful PHP frameworks, Zend is well-known for its ease and its component library with high functionality. It is a highly flexible framework that enables good scope for customization. Moreover, it enlarges great tooling support and a command line client for instant app development.

Exclusive Features:
  • MVC Components

  • Web and CLI Programming

  • Documentation & Support

  • Quality & Rich Performance

  • Agile Design Methodology, focusing on providing rich quality enterprise apps

  • Immediate Online Debugging and PHP Unit Testing Tools to Help with Codes and Test Case Report.


One of the most widely used frameworks CakePHP ranks sixth among all the open source web app frameworks that enable instant and uncomplicated application development. Being the best framework, one can use CakePHP for eCommerce application development as it also provides multiple language options, customized fields and user management features.

A Comprehensive Range of Features:
  • Completely Suited for Commercial Applications

  • Securing Your App from antisocial elements through CSRF protection, SQL injection prevention, form tampering protection, XSS prevention and more

  • Wonderful code generation and scaffolding features that instantly build prototype to meet all your requirements.


Today, Phalcon is the most popular web framework for PHP 5. This framework is written and implemented as a C extension. Mainly, this framework aims at developing as well as maintaining highly configurable web applications that sync right with the enterprise development guidelines. Stuffed with high-end features, Phalcon is a perfect PHP framework that makes your development task a lot easier.

Exclusive Features:
  • Easy to use ORM

  • Learning Curve is pretty easy

  • Freely coupled to allow developers to use the whole framework or selected objects

  • Direct Injection that facilitates easy-to-develop software that tests end-to-end applications.

  • Charge little operating cost as compare to other frameworks

  • Clean instinctive API with solid code written on powerful design patterns

Code Igniter:

Comes with defined collection of libraries for common tasks, Code Igniter is the best PHP framework, enabling users an easy interface that allows communication with different functional entities. Using an MVC approach, this framework offers excellent web presentation ability and a viewpoint of programming logic.

A Wide Range of Features:
  • Model-View-Controller Based System

  • Active Record Database Support

  • Security and XSS Filtering

  • Extremely Light Weight

  • Full Featured database classes with support for several platforms

  • Session Management

  • File Uploading Class


As compare to all other PHP frameworks, Symfony is on the third place, and it is the most actively used framework that ships with a great ORM and wonderful documentation. It is one such framework that can be easily used as a separate micro framework without you having to reinvent the wheel and installing the whole framework.

Excellent Features:
  • Allows you to develop and customize everything according to your needs

  • A 3 in 1 framework as the most sustainable, flexible and stable that is instantly adaptable to all your requirements.

  • Highly extensible upto the edge and is presented as Bundles that are projected to include functionalities to framework.

  • With its Dependency Injector and Event Dispatcher, the framework is entirely configurable.


Presently, Laravel is highly advanced PHP framework in the GitHub armory, offering promising foundation of well tested reliable code built on the top several symphony components. Using this high-end framework, it is extremely easy to code. Moreover, developers can also get access to the top plans and simply work with verification, caching, routing and sessions.

A wide range of features:
  • Intrinsic Database Version Control

  • Tranquil Routing that manages all the client/server routes and connects resources smoothly

  • Composer – a great tool, allowing users to manage your apps’ third-party packages easily.

  • A light weight Blade Templating Engine, which is powerfully driven by template legacy of files having .blade.php extension.

  • This framework comes with persuasive – an ORM, which provides a simple ActiveRecord implementation to work with your databases.

So, these are the top PHP frameworks of 2017 that make web application development task a lot easier and simpler. However, if you are facing any problem while working with any of these frameworks, you should hire a professional PHP developer from any well-known PHP development company.

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PHP Frameworks Comparison 2016: Laravel vs CodeIgniter vs Symfony vs CakePHP (Infographic)

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A Framework helps developers to write clean and reusable code which help to develop project smoothly. Therefore, every experienced developer looking for best PHP framework to make his/her work easier.

Which is the Best PHP framework in 2016?

Although 2016 did not come with any spectacular so far. In this year, there are many PHP frameworks released their newest versions. But, there is a neck and neck competition, when it's come to compare PHP frameworks. Therefore, It’s not an easy task to decide which framework is best for you. However, we have created an infographic to cover top 4 most popular PHP frameworks In 2016. Here they are:

  • Laraval
  • Symphony
  • CakePHP
  • Codeigniter

To know, which one is best and appropriate frameworks for PHP developer, follow this infographic:

Infographic Via Perception System

Let’s Have a Close Into Event Loops in PHP

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PHP Development Solutions
We all know that PHP developers are always waiting for something very interesting and innovative. Many a time, they wait for requests to remote services and sometimes, they wait for databases to return rows from a difficult query. What you think that whether it will be good if they could do other things while all that waiting?

Possibly you are familiar with callbacks and DOM events if you have written some JS. While professionals have callbacks in PHP, they do not work in quite the same way. Well, all thanks to a feature called the event loop.

Let’s have a look at how the event loop works and how we can make use of the event loop in PHP. First of all, we will look to see some of the interesting PHP libraries. Some of these consider them not yet stable enough to use in production. There are some people, who would consider the examples presented as better to do in more mature languages”.

There are a lot of good reasons to try these advanced things. However, there are various other good reasons to avoid such things in production. The main reason of this post is emphasizing what’s feasible in PHP.

Where Things Go To Wait

Let’s have a look at how they work in the browser to comprehend event loops. You can give a look at this example:

function fitToScreen(selector) {
var element = document.querySelector(selector);
var width = element.offsetWidth;
var height = element.offsetHeight;
var top = "-" + (height / 2) + "px";
var left = "-" + (width / 2) + "px";
var ratio = getRatio(width, height);
setStyles(element, {
"position": "absolute",
"left": "50%",
"top": "50%",
"margin": top + " 0 0 " + left,
"transform": "scale(" + ratio + ", " + ratio + ")"
function getRatio(width, height) {
return Math.min(
document.body.offsetWidth / width,
document.body.offsetHeight / height
function setStyles(element, styles) {
for (var key in styles) {
if (element.style.hasOwnProperty(key)) {
element.style[key] = styles[key];

When it comes to talking about this code, it does not require any extra libraries as it works in any browser, which supports CSS scale transformations. The current version of Chrome is all you need. You just need to ensure that the CSS selector well match with an element in your doc. These are few functions that take a CSS selector and center and scale the element in order to fit the screen. Do you know what will happen if any case we threw an Error inside that for loop?

In the above given image, you can see how PHP make use of a stack to store context. However, browsers are one-step ahead and deliver WebAPIs for things, including DOM events and Ajax callbacks. JavaScript is every bit as PHP. Both appear like they can perform numerous things at once, they are single threaded. They can only do one thing at a time. Developers are allowed to divest parallel work to different threads with the browser WebAPIs. Browsers are adding callbacks to a callback queue when all those things are happening.

Life Without An Event Loop
In JS, we are capable of running the following code:

setTimeout(function() {
console.log("inside the timeout");
}, 1);
console.log("outside the timeout");
Whenever we are running any of these codes, we can look at the outside the timeout and then inside the timeout in the console. The brwosers are allowing us to work with the setTimeout function which is the part of the WebAPIs. They can add the callback to the callback queue whenever 1 millisecond passed. Before the one from inside the setTimeout starts, the second console.log completes.

function setTimeout(callable $callback, $delay) {
$now = microtime(true);
while (true) {
if (microtime(true) - $now > $delay) {
setTimeout(function() {
print "inside the timeout";
}, 1);
print "outside the timeout";

Whenever we are running this, we can see inside the timeout and then outside the timeout. It is the reason we have to use an infinite loop inside setTimeout function in order to execute the callback after a delay. At some of the point, we can have a look at how we can do more compare to a single thing in a single thread at a time.

However, there is nothing like setTimeout in standard PHP as lots of obscure ways are there to implement non-blocking code along with event loops. We can make use of functions like stream_select to develop non-blocking network IO. To develop non-blocking filesystem code, we can make use of C extensions such as EIO. We can have a look at different libariries built on these unclear methods:

Icicle –

When it comes to Icicle, it is a library of components built with the event loop in mind. Let’s have a look at a simple example:

use Icicle\Loop;
Loop\timer(0.1, function() {
print "inside timer";
print "outside timer";

The implementation of it is extremely wonderful as it comes with exclusive range of features like A+ promises, server implementations and socket.

ReactPHP –

ReactPHP comes with a similar event loop implementation; however, without interesting generation stuff:

$loop = React\EventLoop\Factory::create();
$loop->addTimer(0.1, function () {
print "inside timer";
print "outside timer";
ReactPHP is extremely mature compare to Icicle and it comes with numerous components as well. Icicle has a way to go before it can contend with all the functionality ReactPHO provides. The developers are making good progress.
$loop = React\EventLoop\Factory::create();
$loop->addTimer(0.1, function () {
print "inside timer";
print "outside timer";

ReactPHP is a lot more mature than Icicle and it has a range of components. Before it can contend with all the functionality React offers, Icicle has a way to go. The developers are making good progress.

Stay connected with us to get more information about it or we can get an assistant from professional PHP Developers regarding any of your queries.

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4 PHP Frameworks to Adopt in 2017

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Almost every web developers are using PHP programming language to develop web sites/apps. They are taking help of feature-rich PHP frameworks when completing each phrase of project development as it provides the foundation for developing robust web applications to the developers. Do you want to know which frameworks have most of capability to increase apps functionality? Check it out...

Top 4 PHP Frameworks

Image Source: Perception System

Using framework when developing app/site in PHP makes your things simple, and manageable. There are many different types of frameworks available with a list of features so it becomes difficult for you to choose one for you. In this post, we have listed 4 best and most popular PHP frameworks with their details that enable you to choose appropriate for your project.

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All You Know About PHP Smarty

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PHP Smarty Development India
Smarty is one of the best web-based template systems written in PHP. Primarily, it is promoted as a tool for separation of concerns. This web-based template is used to simplify compartmentalization that enables the front-end of a web page to change separately from its back-end. It minimizes cost and efforts connected with software maintenance. Smarty is designed with a collection of features such as:

  • Quick and easy to maintain
  • Complement PHP, not replace it
  • Flexibility for custom development
  • Security: insulation from PHP
  • PHP back end, Smarty template front end
  • Clean separation of presentation from application code
  • Syntax easy to understand, no PHP knowledge required
  • Fast development/deployment for programmers and designers

If we are talking about templating in PHP, we found two camps of thought, i.e. PHP is a template engine and presentation should be void of all programming code rather than we can use simple tags to indicate where app content is unveiled. Explaining the first approach, it simply mixes PHP code with HTML. It is one of the fastest approaches from a pure script-execution point-of-view. However, PHP works excellent for programming but not for templating.

Moving towards second approach, it is common among other template engines. It is used to keep templates focused on presentation, void of application code and used small amount towards overhead. There are many websites using Smarty such as CMS Made Simple, XOOPS CMS, Tiki CMS/Groupware, etc.

Smarty collects the copies of the templates as PHP scripts. In this way, you can get an advantage of both template tag syntax and the speed of PHP. When each template is first raised then the compiled versions are used from that point forward. The template designers just have to edit the Smarty templates and they don’t have to manage the compiled versions.

With this approach, the templates become easy to maintain and keeps execution times even faster than before. The complied versions are PHP, and op-code accelerators like APC and ZendCache continue to work on the compiled scripts.

Is separating PHP from templates important?

Many advantages of separating PHP code from templates to enjoy by users such as:


Its templates contains semantic markup like HTML. PHP syntax works excellent for application code, however, it instantly degenerates when mixed with HTML. Its simple {tag} syntax is used for expressing presentation. It focuses on templates on presentation rather than on "code".


Different types of features available with this template engine that would require to be developed, tested and maintained in your own application code. Such things also masked as the difficulty of PHP statements. Like in PHP

<?php echo strtolower(htmlspecialchars($title,ENT_QUOTES,UTF-8)); ?>

and in Smarty:



One shouldn't find any restriction on what type of logic injected into a template. The templates from PHP are insulted by Smarty that develops a controlled separation of business logic presentation. It also comes with a security features that imposed by granular restrictions on templates.


Smarty templates can easily be compiled to other languages like JavaScript, as they are language-agnostic. Even, the well-known syntax can also be ported to other programming languages.

These are some of the best features that make Smarty a better option to adopt. If you are looking to Hire Smarty Developer for your project then contact Perception System, a leading PHP Smarty Development India. Discuss your project and get instant quote through our experts.

How to Improve CakePHP Development? 5 Proven Tips

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Cake Software Foundation develops CakePHP, which is one of the best open source web frameworks. Written in PHP, this Rapid Application Framework maintains the Model View Controller approach.

While running a PHP program, developers or amateur may come across with different changeable errors. Moreover, the responses received by CakePHP developers might not be 100% correct that owe to some adaptable errors in codes.

Those designers, who are serious about their faultless coding, can easily improve it at the root level for getting accurate outcome. Check out below given steps to enhance CakePHP development.

Search out the lost URLs while paginating

The losing of additional URLs may be caused by irregular pagination. Usually, programmer looses the ID (60) in a URL like /products/view/60. It is one of the easiest ways to get details of lost URLs in PHP.

For that, developer has to add a small line of code in the view, i.e $paginator->options(array('URL' =>$this->passedArgs)) to get the details of lost URLs that have no strains.

Be Careful while managing tables

Designers must have basic knowledge of the tables to manage it correctly. Moreover, sometimes developer finds hard to work with tables for a minor fail in receiving the basic information. You just have to add pr($this->ModelName->schema()) to your code and gather all essential information about the table.

There are programmers facing strange issues when they change the data in the table. For that, one can have to work according to a predefined format or delete all the cache files from the list by adding: app/tmp/cache.

$validate array on

While working in CakePHP, developing or updating record files may end up with some errors that are difficult to solve. Once coding completes, developers can easily go for file validations and after that, it will begin by notifying errors. Generally PHP programmers are facing problem of correcting errors one by one. While developing or modifying record files by keeping the $validate array saves a lot of time in the run time of programs. It also helps programmers to spot error entries with ease.

Rectify the errors happens with Save()

Moreover, you have to follow all the given guidelines listed in the CakePHP manual to find some errors when saving files. It enables developers to catch and correct by including pr($this->validationErrors) as a command in coding.
Additionally, you can also find the function returns no true values and can also add before Save() command in your app model. This function will surely return all the errors before saving the files.

Using both the function, one can easily return errors, and help save() work properly.

Building pages without using models

CakePHP developer doesn’t have to set a dedicated controller for adding new static pages quickly. Moreover, they also have to define separate action for each page in codes. CakePHP comes with an alternative to minimize this tedious action.

Moreover, developers can easily create their views inside the pages folder and get the action that called for all the pages at the runtime.

Above listed are 5 tips that should be implement to enhance CakePHP Development. For more information about CakePHP development, contact Perception System.

You can also hire CakePHP developers at flexible pricing packages from PS.

Symfony Framework Versions Are Now Supportable With PHP7

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Symfony framework with PHP7
PHP7, the latest version of Symfony, the programming language is developed with, will be ready to land at the end of 2015. With this release, we find its third beta version and come closer to its final stable release. Last month, we have seen the only Symfony 2.3.x branch was supportable with Facebook's HHVM engine. However, now we find Symfony 100% compatible with PHP7.

Symfony is one of the leading PHP frameworks that used for developing web applications and sites. The best thing about using this framework is it helps you to develop better and faster. Developing an application with Symfony delivers full compliance with the business rules, which are maintainable and upgradable

Talking about PHP7 compatibility, Symfony 2.3.x, 2.7.x, and 2.8.x are included in it. PHP7 support has started by the Symfony team in February 2015 and along with major stable releases, it also has the latest branch of the Symfony project, 3.x, which is expected to be the biggest release in the framework's history.

Developers are taking notes for advances and speed improvements when HHVM and PHP7 teams have been exchanging blows through benchmarks. Now, Symfony project has decided to improve full support for PHP7 due to its speed factor.

It is supposed that PHP7 will release this fall and the new Symfony 3.0 branch may come together. The "nightly" setting from the PHP7 engine has also been removed along with full compatibility. That means this is translated into layman’s terms and thus, no future changes are allowed to the framework's code that break PHP7 compatibility.

If you are looking for Symfony solution after this release, then contact Perception System for more information.

CakePHP or Laravel – Who is Real Fighter?

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Undoubtedly, CakePHP is one of the best frameworks that work excellent with modern development practices such as dependency management, cloud deployment, test driven development, and so on. Laravel allows "Rails-like" development for PHP. No doubt, both are best in their own ways, but if you have confused about what to choose then go through this infographics.

 CakePHP v/s Laravel

CakePHP and Laravel both are the best frameworks to choose. However, we find differ in their syntax and some of the features. If you are getting confused to choose framework for your development then check out this infographics post and grab essential details to know which is better then others. 

Source URLhttp://blogs.perceptionsystem.com/infographic/cakephp-vs-laravel-web-app-framework-choose

Wait is Over – Finally Yii 2.0.6 Released

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Hire Yii Web Developer
Yii team was pleased to declare the release of Yii Framework version 2.0.6. One can go through to the instructions at http://www.yiiframework.com/download/ to install or upgrade to this version. However, the version 2.0.6 is a patch release of Yii 2.0 that contains more than 70 minor features and bug fixes and various improvements to documents and wonderful progress on guide translations.

The company is thankful to the wonderful Yii community, who helped them with pull requests and important discussions. By watching Yii 2.0 GitHub Project, you can follow the development progress of Yii 2. Moreover, you can also follow Yii Twitter feeds or join Facebook group to connect with other Yii developers.

Here, you can find some of the top and exclusive features of the release:

Better Migrations Syntax –

Initially, the company were planning schema builder for 2.1, but pana1990 and vaseninm took action and now the company got much better migrations syntax:

$this->createTable('example_table', [
'id' => $this->primaryKey(),
'name' => $this->string(64)->notNull(),
'type' => $this->integer()->notNull()->defaultValue(10),
'description' => $this->text(),
'rule_name' => $this->string(64),
'data' => $this->text(),
'created_at' => $this->datetime()->notNull(),
'updated_at' => $this->datetime(),

For writing database agnostic migrations, the new Migration syntax is extremely useful. However, the traditional syntax surely works.

Handling Error –

A lot of fixes and improvements are there in this release that must make error reporting and displaying errors even more reliable and useful:
  • Now Yii is able to properly handle HHVM fatal errors.
  • There is a warning written to logs in case FileCache fails to write into a file.
  • yii\web\ErrorAction displays 404 errors instead of blank page on direct access.
  • Json::encode() and Json::decode() are handling errors better throwing significant exceptions.
  • ErrorHandler::logException() now logs the whole exception object instead of only its string representation. This can be used in custom log targets to provide more detailed error information.
Complete Control Over ActiveForm Using JavaScript –

Using JavaScript, there is more control over ActiveForm. Users can update error messages of particular fields:

// add error
$('#contact-form').yiiActiveForm('updateAttribute', 'contactform-subject', ["I have an error..."]);
// remove error
$('#contact-form').yiiActiveForm('updateAttribute', 'contactform-subject', '');
Or update the whole form and, optionally, summary at once:
$('#contact-form').yiiActiveForm('updateMessages', {
'contactform-subject': ['Really?'],
'contactform-email': ['I don\'t like it!']
}, true);

Yii Message Command Improvements –

Message removal command is supporting .pot file creation. Now, it is also OK with nested Yii::t() calls like the following:
Yii::t('app', 'There are new {messages} for you!', [
'messages' => Html::a(Yii::t('app', 'messages'), ['user/notifications']),

Always, it is known sorting developed messages, even if there is no new one at the time of saving to PHP files. It enables people to have much smaller diff. However, there is new config option that known as markUnused, enabling configuring behavior of adding @@ to unused messages.

Extra Session Fields –

You can now easily store extra data in session storage. Currently it's supported in yii\web\DbSession but could be possibly extended to more storages in future. In order to configure it, modify the session component in your application config:

return [
// ...
'components' => [
'session' => [
'class' => 'yii\web\DbSession',
'readCallback' => function ($fields) {
return [
'expireDate' => Yii::$app->formatter->asDate($fields['expire']),
'writeCallback' => function ($session) {
return [
'user_id' => Yii::$app->user->id,
'ip' => $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'],
'is_trusted' => $session->get('is_trusted', false),

So, these are the new features of Yii framework 2.0.6 released that users can get once they download this new and impressive framework. However, one can also hire a professional Yii framework developer to get solution for any of their queries of the project.

How PHP 7 Is Faster than HHVM on LiteSpeed?

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PHP7 Development Service
A classic "Hello World!" script is used in the first benchmark and was also tested by the four Web servers to check out which "server+PHP7" and "server+HHVM" combination gives the best inter-process communication costs. With this result, one can come to know about setup of LiteSpeed+PHP7 won, with OpenLiteSpeed+PHP7 coming as a close second.

"PHP 7 beats HHVM, running up to 140% faster," as per the LiteSpeed team's conclusions that should be taken with a grain of salt to measure how the "web server(s) performs when talking to the PHP engine." However, "everybody loves benchmarks, even if most of the times they're useless," and thus, initial ‘Hello World!’ benchmark is followed by the LiteSpeed team with one where they have tested how PHP7 and HHVM work when used with a WordPress site.

Along with WordPress 4.2.0, this benchmark is used an OpenLiteSpeed server to compare three different installations, PHP 7, one running PHP 5.6 and the last with HHVM installed. This time we found result, i.e. HHVM is % faster when compared to the PHP 7 installation. Additionally, with this test, we come to know that PHP 7 is also 2.4 times better than PHP 5.6 and HHVM is 2.6 times faster.

For more information, please look at the graph given below:

If you are a big fan of PHP and looking for PHP 7 solution from experts then contact Perception System, a leading web development company in India.

Source URL : http://blog.litespeedtech.com/2015/07/16/php7-vs-hhvm-benchmark-series-1-hello-world/

5 Websites Developed Using CakePHP

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CakePHP is one of the best open source framework for PHP website development. This development framework provides an extensible architecture for building, maintaining and deploying applications. CakePHP comes with a lot of advantages for developers as it helps them to write less code.

CakePHP Development India

There are many different and popular website developed by using CakePHP as it has many advantages such as:

  • Inbuilt view helpers for AJAX, JavaScript, HTML Forms.
  • Available under the MIT license
  • Works from any web site directory
  • Easily extend with Components, Helpers, Behaviours and Plug-ins
  • Zero configuration
  • Build in validation

Check out below popular website built by using CakePHP.


If you love to watch TV series then you surely find Followmy.tv an interesting. It is one of the best social networking platforms for television series lovers. Users just have to register and login with their userID and password. Even, users can able to share their television shows with their friends.

Elite performance and fitness

Elite performance and fitness is a sport performance and fitness Enhancement Company that has customized medically formulated performance enhancement programs for individuals. This website comes with a simple yet attractive design to deliver a complete information about the services offered by the company.


Being a new website, Mapme displays the scope and capability of Cakephp framework. Using this website, users can able to develop their own maps with mapping tools available on the website. Mapme enables to develop map of their favorite travels, places, destinations, etc. This website also provides a social platform, where users can share their maps with their friends.

my Gas Feed

If you are looking for low price gas then myGasFeed is the best website to find lowest gas price in your area. Even, users can easily update the gas price, so when any other user wants they can easily find it on the map. This website offers best user experience and provides huge savings on gas expenses

Education Unlimited

Education Unlimited is one of the best and leading summer academic enrichment program providers situated in California. Educationunlimited.com has a collection of information and functionalities. This website conducts college admission prep camps that aim to prepare high school students to gain acceptance into an appropriate colleges.

These are the best five listed website that built by using CakePHP. If you are looking to hire CakePHP developer, who develops feature-rich site for your business then contact Perception System.

How PHP is Java and Hack is Scala?

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PHP Development Solution
We have seen Java Virtual Machine as a platform go through revitalization, but not as PHP. There are some programming languages like Clojure, Scala, Ruby raised Java Virtual Machine fever and surprisingly, all such things make a sense. Most of the developers are making huge investment to JVM as a platform over the year. However, the original JVM language might get older, however, it shared runtime that enables inheriting with new syntax and paradigms.

There is some link bating that tells PHP is not Java and Hack is not Scala. We find it parallel, as there is something similar to the JVM world that occurs in the LAMP domain. Many developers think that PHP is out-of-date but actually, it improves a lot. Java people are mostly building larger application with PHP than JavaScript or with some other alternative language. It is also excellent for programmers to switch from PHP or Java in bigger projects, which is quite impossible. Such thing is happened to Facebook with PHP. Their business is code and codebase is humongous.

However, with sheer size and resources, they can easily create a viable alternative runtime for PHP. There are developers, thinking that it is fight between PHP7 and HHVM, it actually it is not. Facebook already have its PHP derivative, which is better known as Hack. We all know that Node and JavaScript are the best choices for initiating new web projects. They deliver the whole clean slate, but it might be a bit too clean.

Same as Scala and Java, one can easily mix and match language on the same running platform. Additionally, both PHP and Hack can run with HHVM without making any investment of Node processes. HHVM is JVM. Facebook is now investing in Nuclide, which is an excellent IDE for Hack and building in Hack is like a viable option for some cases- especially when you are looking to develop bridge between back and front ends. Facebook is "owning" Hack, which is an open source and available on GitHub.

We find this thing is closer to what Apple is doing with Microsoft with open sourcing .NET and open sourcing Swift. A little advantage offered by proprietary development languages. It is expected that a PHP developers may provide advantage and disadvantage that Hack might hold over, as per JavaScript. So, it is best to refer the official Hack tutorial for more information.
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